Where to Donate Poop for Money

Donate Poop for Money
Donate Poop for Money

How to Donate Poop/Stool for Money

Poop, or Stool, do you know the meaning or definition of it, if not then here it is- Poops or Stool, is the wasted solid wasted products, which are also called as feces (in British English and also in Latin language) by human beings. Which is being produced after the human digestive system, this varies the significantly appearance I mean with color, size, and texture and so on and come out after the nature call.

Now let us about Stool/Poop. Yes, this is not a joke, as human can donate their body parts and elements like eye, blood, sperm, hair, breast milk and ect, they are also able to donate their stools. There is also an essentiality in science for stools, and obviously it will be required for our human society also. Now, why, why it is required!!!!!! Friends, you have to know that, there is a company called Openbiome which is doing this work, I mean this is a stool donation bank, you can donate stools to them, and they will keep it for the reason. This is now a nationwide successful company and is doing this since 2013. It is resulted that the company OpenBiome has sent moreover 2000 transplant specimens in the market. So, a stool donation is important; it is required for some patients and so, your one time stool or poop donation can save a human life.

Here is how it works-

The C-difficile is a very hygienic infection, this is surveyed that in America every year the half of people get infected by this, and after getting antibiotics some people do recover, but as an average it is founded that at least 1-5 patients getting the previous and similar infection back while they also taking the best antibiotic. And for such patients their life gets hijacked daily, it is also reported that every year about 30,000 of people die for this C- difficile related reasons.

But after that, when the antibacterial treatment fails, the treatment what we are talking about the “Fecal Microbiota Transplantation” or FMT, works, with the maximum of success rates.

What it all need a healthy stool donor, I mean as the man should be healthy as well as the stool must to be healthy, and it is true that if you are really fit and fine inside then your stool will also be healthy. This all has testing process to determine, check it downwards. And after getting that, this has to be transplanted into the patient colon, this is a very sensitive procedure, needs experts, which is done by medical process and the company OpenBiome does it really well.

As I said above, that it all needs some process to pass the “Be a stool/poop donor” test and that’s true maximum of people will not me believe that. But here I shared the procedure with you, check this.

Tests to become a stool/poop donor-

Here I texted the total tests to the perspective of Openbiome, but all banks procedures same, so, do judge them and get confirmed.

  • First of all the interested people should to go the OpenBiome lab, to meet and interact with the medical stuffs of their company. And after that, the person will go through some personal medical questionnaires and interview, as if you know like the blood donors answers.
  • If they pas the interview, then they should to corporate with their screening, blood testing and stool testing process. It will be held through a series, but not very long.
  • After passing the second test, the donor’s name will be taken and then they should to attend a orientation session with their donor manager. And after that they can begin the donation procedure.
  • After all the above a 60 day follow up will held, and in that if they passed the rounds of screens then it is all OK, he is ready now for OpenBiome.
  • And other requirements like, the person should to be healthy, he/she must be at the age of 18 at lowest and 50 at highest, such are needed.


To become a donor or seller of stool you can earn quite good amount. Like for one sell you can make 250$$ in a week, and as a calculation 13,000$$ a year, near about.

So dear, hope you are quite satisfied with this information, if so come here again and support us to help you and also the society.

Thanks for reading for any query feel free concern.

It’s true that like plasma, blood, eye, sperm, hair donation you also can get paid big amount cash by stool or poop selling, and obviously a great amount. Here I included the all criteria, procedures and all such things which is included with how to sell/donate stool/poop/feces for money.


Where to Donate Poop for Money
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Where to Donate Poop for Money
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