How to Sell Your Hair for Money

sell your hair online for get cash
sell your hair online for get cash

How to Sell/Donate Your Hair and Get Paid

Get updated about hair selling. Yes hair selling, that how to sell your hair, make money by that and many more.  Guys hope you all know that people do sell their hairs, and it is also near about necessary till now, cause by that hairs many products are produced. Women or man with very long or a little long hair, or an average size, he/she can sell his/her hair to the seekers. Here also some point comes, like if your hair is dyed then it not will be acceptable. The ore black and healthy your hair will be, you will get more money as well and many more criteria. So, if you have a long and healthy hair, and thinking of cutting it, then wait, it can give you a well money, so think before wasting it.

Required steps/points to become an own hair seller:

To sell your hairs you have to maintain these followings-

  1. You have to kept your hair in shape for sale, like don’t treat your hair, don’t treat your hairs mean, don’t do any chemical or other things like this, like colors, straight, hit, hair dryer, rolling and another styling, and other things, cause hit damages hairs, breaks them and the buyers prefers untreated hairs than the treated one. Just comb and care them through natural way, don’t by artificially. And if you have already done this, then still you can sell it, but not at much price like the untreated or virgin one. You may also avoid direct sunlight, so can wear a cap, and you have to avoid the much hit temperature of sun, it may causes damages.

Buyers prefer pristine shape for the hairs. So, follow the rules.

  1. While shampooing in your hairs, choice the best one, try to use “sulfate-free” shampoo, cause it don’t makes damages. You should maximum do 3 times a week. More than this shampooing is not better, but if you are in a very bad condition of dirtiness in your hairs then it should be managed. Shampooing makes hairs shiny, smooth and also healthy, so choice the good one, with less chemical.
  2. Keep your body healthy much; it helps to makes the hairs healthy and also produce the good. So you have to maintain it, by taking good food, fruits and some else. Here you should to stop smoking first if you do.

Look, you have to maintain your health with well managed, I am not saying to restrict too much but better restriction gives better results.

  1. Try to keep our hairs at the average length, you minimum have to keep it at least 10inchs, and mind it the hair buyers wants same size hairs, so you should to maintain it, like after giving you can trim them by going to the saloon and don’t cut very much of its size cause you know the more size the more price.
  2. Don’t sell your hairs until you get a genuine buyer, but don’t take too much time after cutting it. Because it will seem to be damaged, so try as fast as you can, after cutting.

Whom you can sell your hairs/Buyer Information-

  1. In that case, if you want quick and guaranteed service, like paid after giving hairs, then I will refer you to contact the Wig making companies. They pay according to your hair length and weight, and there are also some other cases. In maximum time Wig companies asks for some requirements that should be fulfilled by you. In those cases they told the dealer to pack his/her hairs like such manner and send by that procedure, and the dealer should to do it. In that you will be paid after giving their hairs, and for the companies, you can search in internet and can contact or contact by your own.
  2. You also can sell it via third party website. In that case the seller have to create a profile of his/her own with the pictures of the hairs and then the contact procedure held. They will contact you if you will choose, and then you have to send it and will get your payment via a specified procedure. Mind it; this is the only procedure by which we can be paid the best level price and the net is full of such sites, so the information can’t be included. So, search your own for sell on those sites and get the clearance. But be careful of scam.
  3. Besides selling or without selling, you also can donate your hairs. By that the children with hair loss, and also some another kinds of patients needs this, by that they will get help. Some companies make wigs for them. And they will also take your hair if you have already cut it off. So, you can also try this.
  4. Look, be careful of any false or scam buyers, the market is full of scams, so judge it with your sense first and then sell.

NOTE- Be aware of scams. And rather than selling you also can donate it for the cancer treatment people and the seekers.


How to sell your hair for money and get paid
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How to sell your hair for money and get paid
Know here How to sell your hair for money and get paid, also get tips for sell your hair extensions online to get cash
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