How to donate plasma and get paid

plasma donations
plasma donations

Plasma Donation & Plasma Selling for Money:

Besides all kinds of donations and selling like, blood, eye, testicles, sperm, there is also some other kind of body part or organ donation exists like plasma donation.

Plasma- Plasma is actually a part of blood, a lymph or milk, where corpuscles/fat globules are getting suspended. Plasma is a part of blood vessel; it is also called as ‘blood plasma’. It takes part at blood composition. It is the most essential thing of human body, to create blood vessel better health.

Plasma Donation/Selling- Now, coming to that point I would like to say, that you know there is a huge difference between donations or selling. Donation means a free giving of something to someone, and selling not has that concept, it’s different.

Here, first of all you should to know that a plasma donation or even selling is really a good and great job. Because science says, that “plasma donation is like gifting life”, yes like blood. So, it can make sense to you that how important it is.

Now, the question is – What is Plasma Donation or Selling???

Yes, may you get surprised after getting the answer of your question that it is not difficult, even easier then you expect. It is like blood giving, similar to that process. In that case a needle will placed a vein in your arm, and the plasma collection procedure will start called “plasmapheresis”, yes as you imagining. This process will maximum take 1 hour to complete, and then the whole blood will be drowned. That’s how the system goes of taking plasmas from a human body.

For selling plasma you have to be qualified enough according to it needs. I will tell you about the requirements and also little bit about the other things-

  • In that case to be a good candidate of plasma selling, if you would be a blood donor or seller , and if you have good health both physically and inside body, then it might good for you and can say you are the good candidate for it.
  • First it would be the finest step to consult with your physician and go ahead.
  • If you having AB type blood group then it will be the best side option for you, cause it is said that 4% of the blood groups having AB type, so that can make your selling better. But here all kinds of blood group are welcome.
  • Look, as you have to sell the plasma to the plasma banks, or P centers. So, maximum times there are some special requirements for the candidate, so this is timely. And you must have to crack it.
  • The best thing is, plasma donating or selling is completely side effect less, but it can cause little damages and spots by the needle and sometime you may feel tired to do more of this.
  • For the selling or donating, you must to pass that criteria that-
  • You must be 18 years old.
  • Weight should be 50 Kg minimum.
  • Must to pass medical exams and the medical screening.
  • You must be free of any hygienic virus and its existence, especially like HIV and the other serious viruses.
  • You should to maintain a good diet chart every to become a professional or permanent plasma seller and at the first time you should to have at least the minimum required strengthens system in your body to handle it.
  • Whatever, at first you have to find a good paid plasma centre or a normal one. By which you can earn money and donate or sell you plasma.

About money, this is dependable, usually a onetime donation or selling can give you 20-50 $$$. And if you are thinking to do it more than once in a month then it would become a handsome amount. So, it is totally on you. But yes, medically t also has limits. And without being careful donating this thing can create harms. So, be sensitive and careful.

Important Note- In that article the above all information are true and user-friendly, but still I will say the before going to a plasma bank or centre, must consult with your personal doctor and take his/her advise.


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How to donate plasma and get paid cash
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How to donate plasma and get paid cash
Get information about donate plasma procedure and requirements and also know how to donate plasma and get paid money cash
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