How to Donate Bone Marrow for Cash

Donate Bone Marrow
Donate Bone Marrow

How to Donate Bone Marrow

Now know about “Bone Marrow Donation/Selling”. Bone Marrow is also a tissue which is found in the centers of the large bones, it contains two types of stem cells. The bone marrow is very much important because it produces blood cells and also the fat, cartilage and bone, that’s why without bone marrow a man can be handicapped, cause without this the blood cells and the cartilage cells production will not be possible and it is very essential for the human beings total systems circulation. The two types of stem cells in the bone marrow are hemopoietic (which produces the blood cells) & stromal (which makes the fat and cartilage). Bone marrow is found only insides the major bones, like as example “Hipbone”, the bone marrow is a spongy material. After producing the cells and it release through the veins, through the thin tissues surrounding the bones with the help of blood stream, and t by that the total human body bones and the blood gets the essentialities. So you can find that how important it is. So, friends hope you are now clear with the basic concept of bone marrow, listen it is not a little concept such like it will be explained in 10 sentences, it is very huge and long, so, I am just making you aware about the normal knowing about this to get our topic’s point and fulfill it. So, hope you are clear with the short definition.

Now, friends lets come to the point, we are talking here about donation and selling of bone marrow and how to do it. So, yes, as like all the previous topics, in that, I also will make you aware about the this points regarding bone marrow donation, and also some other informative notes. So, follow the points and fulfill your knowing.

  • Why and which people needs donated or sold bone marrow?
  • Places to donate bone marrow for money.
  • How to donate bone marrow for a friend.
  • How much do you get paid for donating bone marrow?
  • Why and which people needs donated or sold bone marrow?

Friends, don’t even think that it has a very little popularity and very less people are getting require of that. According to a survey, in each year, in USA there are 10,000 people suffer for their bone marrow problem, through various diseases. And out of them as an input every 7 out of ten reached the get very less matches for their bone marrows, so they require the total register to find it out.

In some of the very bad suffering diseases like lymphoma, leukemia, sickle cell anemia and May for some other cell damage diseases, it considers as the best result if they would transplant a bone marrow and sometimes it lefts as the only way.

Friends, not only the two, there are such several examples to get understand that why it is important and for what we need it.

Now friends, before going to the donation or selling procedures, just have a look at what is a bone marrow donor & what bone marrow donation is!!!

Bone marrow donation is such a procedure where man/women do give his/her bone marrow for donation or selling, for another human being or for the seekers, at the surgical lab or at the operation theater. This is held by the well trained doctors, they first give the man/women anesthesia (an insensitive making medicine for pain) and take the bone marrow of the person/persona from the both side at the back from his/her pelvic bone, doctors withdraws the liquid marrow from there by the help of needles and keeps it by the scientific procedure.

  • Effects to be a bone marrow donor/seller – Look to do this job, it is not a very fine one for a person’s body because after giving the bone marrow you will feel tired and week for approx 1week or like 5 to 7 days. It will make you difficult to walking, because the place from where the bone marrow you will fill a bit of or a low pain there. And the most risky part of this is sometimes at the time of giving anesthesia, some donors get heart attacks, strokes and after that death but this is a very rare case.
  • Make the Commitment for bone marrow – Before say yes to yourself, I am suggesting you, please do a deep research about this thing, go to the marrow banks and ask them for the future happenings and also consult with the doctor for that. Before your commitment understand the entire process thoroughly and the implications of your actions. Mind it, this are not a joke, you may be able to give life to a patient, and if you are commenting without being serious, and after the call form the doctor for your bone marrow you are saying no, then you only will be blamed for the death of the patient. So, this cases are so sensitive, don’t do hurry just take your time and clear it.
  • Process – After your clear commitment, you have to register with the bone marrow registry, and signed your name for it. And after that it required for such purpose, the doctors will call you, and you have to give your service.
  • Criteria for be a bone marrow donor/seller –
  • Age must to be 44-65 years.
  • Required some registration fees like 100$$$ or approx.
  • As like all the donors, here also the donor/seller should not to have the mentioned diseases according to them, and they have to complete a health history form, and medical test.
  • Look, various countries have other criteria to be a bone marrow donor. This are for USA, so if you are from another side then do search that or contact the banks or doctor.

After that if you are able to get a chance for that, and then you will be redirected to the blood marrow donation registry. The doctors and specialists will take your blood sample and other all essential information and test to get match you with the patient. After that for some months or weeks, days whatever when a patient will find to accept your transplant, you will be called for the donation/sell and after the transplant you will get paid.

So, that is it.

For getting much info regarding Bone Marrow donating feel free concern.


How to Donate Bone Marrow for Cash/Money
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