How to Donate Blood Cells for Money Near Me

Donate Blood Cells
Donate Blood Cells

Donate Blood Cells and get cash paid

Hello friends, we have given you many info on human body parts and plasma donations, and after the success of all the pages we are here going to give you a new one which is also based on the human body organ donation.

Donate blood cells and make money:

Now you will get blood cell donation, here i am clear your all the wrong info about blood cell donation.

Friends, as the science, technology is developing with a huge changing surrounding in it, that’s how the medical science is also developing. And the blood cell donation is also not a new one this procedure is matured and did enough experiments before launching it to the medical science. Doing such kind of activity is really a novel job, whatever a person is doing it for the money or only to help someone, after all he is giving his hand to wake up a man from death. The human body parts are really sensitive and why not, after all these are the main features of us, and among of them if anyone gets damaged then it feels like I am living in the hell which is in the earth. So, donating an organ should really to be appreciated. So, as our today’s topic is blood cell donation, regarding that we will go through these following points, which will be more helpful to get all the answers of your questions regarding this topic.

  • Where can I donate white blood cells for money!!!
  • Donating red blood cells for money.
  • How to donate blood stem cells and get paid.


So, friends without wasting your time I am going to the point.

Blood Cells Human body is the unity of cells, that’s why all the circulations which happens in the human body that’s reason is cells that’s why it is the most important part. In the bad cases of poisons whine the poison attacks one cell it flows in the while body by that cell circulation procedure, so by that you can clear the idea about priority of cells in our body, and that kind of all cells which normally creates circulation in the blood that all are called as blood cells.

Blood Stem Cells – HSC which refers to Hematopoietic Stem Cell that gives rise to all the other blood cells you can say it is a core point in that sense which gives the supply and help to get activated by the process of hematopoietic. The HSCs is located in the red bone marrow and derives from the mesoderm. And the red bone marrow contains the core of most of the bones.

Now let’s come to these points that how you can donate your Blood Cells and get paid at your nearest center.

First of all I will say that in US you will find near about 450 blood cells donation centers and that all are licensed. But in India I can’t to say that how many are there, obviously in India the number is leaser then the America. Friends in this article I am giving you all the point that are related to the blood cell donation and blood stem donation one by one, please follow them if you also want to be a blood cell donor.

  1. Confirm yourself that you are a right candidate for this – Friends, before getting involved with this kind of money making services at first a mental and physical preparation is needed. It all needs a well sound health which refers to be fit all the time, and also a mental agreement to say yes. Meet your physician and get a good consult with him that is you really applicable for this or not. After that you also need to visit the centers for their requirements.
  2. Beware and be safe – In that cases of blood donation if you have passed the requirements and now going to donate it then I will say there is no any high kind of risks or side effects, but after the donations you will get marks of the taking needles and at that time a little pain of it. But if you are doing this then maximum of the time you have to eat healthy foods for you, and not any bad addictions.
  3. That requirements you have to meet ad pass
  • Age – 18+ or 18.
  • Weight – Have to be 50kgs or 110 pounds.
  • Medical Test – Must have to pass the screening.
  • Medical History – Have to be clear and with positive results. Basically this is the easiest, if you didn’t have the Cancer or any that kind of serious issues, but at some times that also passes.
  • High issue test – Like HIV and else.
  • Diet – At least 50-80 gram of protein you have to take daily.
  1. Find a blood cells donation centre at the nearest – That’s your credit, you have to find it.
  2. Identification and documentation – Required are –
  • Current photo Id.
  • Border crossing and social security.
  • Proof of local address.

They may get increased or changed according to the center’s criteria.

  1. Take the best diet – Drink approximately 3 liters of water daily and get the well protein and carbohydrate foods. Like, cheese, egg, meet, milk, nuts, chicken, fruits and ect. Can consult with a specialist.

And after all that, you have to –

  1. Complete a physical exam.
  2. Face some donor related your life history questions which have to be known to them for that.
  3. Donate your blood cells.
  4. Get paid.

Look, in the blood cell donation you will not get a high amount but a handsome amount.

So, friends hope that was helpful to you, if so then please keep visiting.

Thanks for reading.


How to Donate Blood Cells for Money Near Me
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How to Donate Blood Cells for Money Near Me
How to Donate Blood Cells for Money Near Me and know where can you donate white blood cells for money and get paid cash
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