How to Donate a Kidney

How to Donate Kidney
How to Donate Kidney

Kidney Donations, its Requirements & Procedures:

Dear kidney is one of the most sensitive body organ of human beings and including all the mammals, the birds and the reptiles, by which part the urine is executed. This is our filter one can say, because as we all know that urine is a liquid waste of these living things and without getting it out an animal or even the cant to live for long. S, the urine execution is very much important to being lively in the world with a better health. And that’s the work of a kidney, so it is required.

Now what kidney donation is– A kidney donation refers to give a kidney, yes only one from the pair and to transplant it to that person whose one kidney is damaged (Can be for several causes, like can be held by accidents, by alcohols, by any bad food I mean what is not even good for a man and ect.) and after the donor’s permission the doctor can takes one kidney from the donor’s body and he have to transplant in the patient’s body by the specific surgical and medical procedures. In maximum of cases a kidney donor come mainly any from his/her family members or mother, father, brother or sister as so.

Now let’s come to the main points of our article, the points which are being going to describe is-

  • How to donate kidney to family member!!!
  • How to donate a kidney to a stranger!!!
  • How to donate to kidney for research!!!
  • Where is it legal to sell a kidney!!!


Friends in the case of kidney donations you can also give or donate a kidney to those persons also who are not even related to your family and by blood. According to this article and about our all above points, here I will disrobe some points which will cover the leading points…..

Here in the manners how to donate kidney to family member and how to donate a kidney to a stranger as I said you obviously can donate your kidney to your family members like to your father, mother, siblings or the others, here if you love them or want to help then can go for it. But before that you and the doctor have to judge something in you with your body. And about the strangers you also can do donate kidney for them but after the donation the both parties attaches emotionally and the donor becomes an adopted family member.

And for to do so, you have to check at first your health status, Like here the causes will be applicable like if you are an alcoholic, drug addict, have low or very high blood pleasure, any kidney problems, have AIDS, diabetes or some permanent very negative health issues which can harm your kidney, then your kidney will not be acceptable.

Check your blood test and find out if there is all OK or not, here in kidney donations the both recipients and the donor’s blood group will be not required to be matched same but the donor should to have a compatible type.

A complete physical test will be required if you want to donate your kidney which will go through, Urine test, Antibody Screening, EKG and the psychological evolution, are required to pass the all tests.

In that cases if it is not happened in that hospital and you guys are going any hospital to do a kidney transplantation then you both should to go at the early in the morning and they will give you the best priority.

You or the donor have to be prepared enough emotionally and practically all the ways cause after intravenous IV tube will start and they will make you senseless and then you will be awaken up inside the recovery room. And after that they will again move you for more 1 or 2 formality checkups only for your health.

The vast part is at least you have to stay in the hospital for 3 days or at the max a week because leaser then they can’t take the risk to let you go. So, you have to cope with them.

After the all procedure and the leave, after some days you may get high blood pleasure and weakness cause you will be alive then with only one kidney, but by the proper restriction, food control and proper eating and by exercise one can maintain these.

So, that’s the essential steps for donating a kidney. Hope it is helpful enough.

Thanks for reading, feel free concern with us.


How to Donate a Kidney
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How to Donate a Kidney
How to Donate a Kidney to family member, stranger, research, friends or for money to get paid cash
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