How to Become a Sperm Donor and Earn Cash

sperm donor
sperm donor

How to Donate Sperm

Now we are talking about ‘Sperm’, yes a man’s sperm. Yes let us discuss about ‘Sperm Donating’. Yes ‘to donate your sperm’. So, what is it? How to do it? Can you also do this? What points are necessary for becoming a sperm donor or to sell your own sperm? And many others questions, I know are hitting your mind now… But don’t worry we are here to solve your queries, to give the answers and max of the information what we can. So, just hangout with our article and get all answers of your questions.

After going to the main point of ‘Sperm Donating’ I will describe a little bit about Sperm?

Sperm refers to the most important cell of a man body by which he can make a baby birth. Yes not according to giving birth like a mother, but sperm is that thing which makes a lady pregnant. The word ‘sperm’ is derived from a Greek word ‘Sperma’ which mean ‘seed’. Hope now you got it. Sperm is a male’s reproductive cell. In a sperm there lies thousands of ‘Semen’. An amount of sperm is workable for human reproduction, which is get possible through lady/women. So the reproduction procedure through man is totally depends on the quality of sperm, which lies on the quality of ‘Semen’.

how donate sperm
how donate sperm


Now, Let’s Come to with about sperm donations

  • What is ‘Sperm Donation’?

After reading it, you are now aware about what is sperm. But, do you know that you can donate your sperm. Yes, you can donate even sell your sperm for money or to earn money. So, for that you have to know about what is Sperm donation (SD). S Donation or S Selling refers to donate or Sell your sperm to any of the human being you demand it or needs it, or for any such kind of medical associations who are involved in such activities. So a person who is involved in regular basis in sperm giving called as a SD, after donating or selling it, it is inserted in any lady/women, who is not your sex partner or love partner, and by which she can get a baby. This inserting procedure is totally a medical procedure and needs education and training. But to donate your sperm or to sell it you don’t need any outside training or medical help, it is just a human behavior.

Basically, the word donation refers to give someone your thing or things absolutely free. But selling is very much different. So, here our next point is Sperm selling. So, follow the down words.

  • How & whom to donate sperm or sell it for money?

This is a natural procedure like doing masturbate and some other procedures, hope I don’t need to describe these. For giving your sperm or selling or of course for donating, a person needs to go any such medical associations or organizations, those who takes this sperms keeps them and sells or donates to the sperm needed people or to the sperm banks. You can contact the sperm banks; there is always a demand of sperm donors or sellers in the sperm bank. And there are various sperm taking organizations including sperm banks, so you should to contact them for you concern and can donate or sell them. And also it can be done by individual seekers, so you also can satisfy them by donate your sperm.

In that case sperms are taken in any places which are medically secured and undertaken by them safely. So after your giving it is totally their responsibility to give it towards the seekers. Basically, your sperm is required by such persons or personas like, those who are lesbian; those couples who can’t have to have baby & little bit the others.

  • How to sell sperm for money & how much you can earn?

By giving those medical centers you can earn a good amount of money. But, the amount varies various to various, like for all of the centers the amount is not same. And mind it, the money also depends on the quality of your sperm what you are giving. If the quality matches their requirements then you can earn a preferred amount of money.

For earning by sperm selling, you can be a registered member of their associations. By which they will contact you when it will be required. And your account will be created after the giving. But, it’s true that there is no very lees amount of money, the amounts for selling it maximum time sounds good like 50-100 $$$ you can normally earn per sell.

  • Requirements for becoming a Sperm Donor or Sperm Seller?

Yes guyees, don’t take it so easy that whatever you want to can donate or sell your sperm, there are also various requirements for becoming a sperm donor. They are as follows-

  • Be healthy and disease free- You should to have a healthy body not only by body statistics but also with inner systems. Like such a way-

The sperm banks and sperm taking centers have various issues with body problems, they are the following. And you must not to have the issues –

  • There is some first test medical checkups like- You should to have 70millions counted semen per 1ml sperm. That’s defines your sperm quality.
  • You should not to have any previous very sophisticated and high serious disease that may can bad you selling.
  • Your blood should to be fine negativity, very bad virus and bacteria free.
  • Your skin should to be clear and fine, not by in color but by quality and liveliness; it must be any skin disease free and natural.
  • You age should be below 40, it is for the semen production, yes some healthy people produce better semen even in 40, but it is the rule.
  • Your height should be at least 5.9 inch. This is not an issue with sperm, but the sperm finders specially need the taller person’s sperms for thing a better figure future of their baby.
  • Education matters. Yes you should to be educated; this is also an issue like the previous one, people who are less educated their sperms are less demanded.
  • You have to make a decision first, that are you doing only for once, or you will be a regular in these case of sperm selling. Look, regular persons are well preferred for them; they will ask you in that case, so you have prepared it & to say yes that you will come again.

So, these are some important factors to qualify a sperm donor interview test.

Thanks for reading and for any query feel free get suggestions with us.


How to Become a Sperm Donor and Earn Cash
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How to Become a Sperm Donor and Earn Cash
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